Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)

(CBT) is a modern therapeutic approach that is primarily concerned with the cognitive approach to mental disorders. This method aims to eliminate the psychological pain and distress of an individual by identifying the cognitive distortions and correcting them.
Achieving this goal depends on the therapeutic relationship between the therapist and the patient, who must be characterized by acceptance, empathy, cooperation.

The Transcultural Community Camp

Groups, Leadership and Social Transformation
(RITR) is delighted to announce the upcoming 2020 Transcultural Community Camp,
from 11 to 13 January.

A 3-day international group work experience that aims at enhancing the transcultural understanding of the self, the other, the institution and the community.

BODY MUSIC Workshop:
Basics and Vocabulary

“Let the musician in you speak out!"
we are going to work on the simplest body music games. It is open to everybody. Body music is an economic, meditating and improving free-time activity for individuals and groups. Body music practice is suitable for people from any ages. Practicing this oldest form of music also improves your leadership skills. So, if you are working with groups as a teacher or therapist, body music is beneficial path of improvement.

The Dialogues of the Group Workshop

Moving from being afraid of Lacan to developing enthusiasm
about his revolutionary

In this workshop, we will cover fundamental concepts in Lacanian theory
and their application not only to the group treatment but to other
forms of treatment. Lacan's concepts of the Real, the Imaginary

Dynamics and Shapes Of Relationships

Dance Movement Therapy (Dmt) is a chance to explore the universe of the living movement, its qualities, its patterns and its shapes, to develop personal growth and to improve our communication.

This workshop is part of the three years training program in Relational Expressive Dance Movement Therapy (Dmt-ER®).

EAGT 4th International Conference Action, Connection & Inclusion

the 4th International Conference of the Egyptian Association for Group Therapy and Processes (EAGT)

"Action, Connection & Inclusion" Conference


Prof. Yehia El Rakhawy

From 15 to 18 January 2020

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